Your Liposuction Surgeon is Your Partner

Have you seen the commercial about the people that spend many months and hours picking which car they are going to buy and only 15 minutes on deciding which insurance? Choosing your liposuction surgeon can be the same thing. You go through days, if not months of researching liposuction and what it can do for you but then you don’t do homework about the liposuction surgeon that will actually operate on you. Where can you find one and what should you ask?

If you are considering getting liposuction performed, you may be nervous about all of the stories you have heard about surgeries gone wrong. You can see them plastered on the pages of the tabloids in the supermarket. There are many potential complications of liposuction it is after all a major surgery. But the truth is, complications and risks can be dramatically reduced if the surgery is performed by an experienced, qualified professional liposuction surgeon.

A liposuction procedure can be performed by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, although any licensed physician can perform a liposuction procedure as no training is required. Nonetheless you should always make sure to ask your doctor whether or not they have had specialized training in liposuction surgery, you truly want to review doctors that specialize in the type of liposuction that you are going to have.

Tips for Choosing the Right Liposuction Surgeon

There is no government agency that can recommend a liposuction surgeon to perform your liposuction. Areas to look at as a starting point are cosmetic surgery organizations like the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery but even then you should ask a lot of questions.

First, make sure you ask your doctor questions about liposuction so that you better understand the procedure. Your liposuction surgeon should be able to answer all of your questions about the procedure, as well as any questions you might have about potential problems with liposuction. Here is a list of most of the important questions to ask:

  • What are the risks involved with a liposuction procedure?
  • Were you trained in liposuction?
  • Where did you attend and complete your liposuction training?
  • Do you have certificates of training I can see?
  • What result can I expect from a liposuction procedure?
  • What is your policy on a liposuction touch-up or follow ups?
  • What type of recovery time should I expect from the specific type of liposuction that will be performed?
  • How much will the liposuction cost?
  • How many liposuction procedures have you performed, how many of the type you are going to be performing on me?
  • Can I speak with a former liposuction patient that you surgically performed?
  • Do you have before and after pictures of the liposuction procedures you have performed?
  • What is the typical recovery time of your patients with this specific type of liposuction?
  • What different liposuction techniques are available?
  • Any other questions you think apply to you specifically or to them specifically?

Do not be embarrassed to ask questions. You will be paying for this surgery not just with money but also your time and possible self esteem. Don’t fall for the advertisements that promise you the moon. They won’t tell you about possible complications or whether the liposuction surgeon is qualified!

Also, don’t decide on a liposuction surgeon based solely on cost. You should explore several options before making a decision. Keep in mind that liposuction is expensive and most insurance plans don’t pay for it unless your procedure can help a obvious health problem. Though as in many products and services “you get what you pay for”, higher prices do not guarantee success.

Choosing your liposuction surgeon is in many ways as important as choosing who you marry. You will be living with the results of your liposuction for a long time. I know some marriages that haven’t lasted as long. You want a partner not a one night stand!

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