Thigh Liposuction Preparing You for Summer

Are you ready to where your swimsuit yet? The thighs are one of those trouble spots that women have struggled with since the beginning of time. When the fat deposits itself in the inner thigh not only do you look bad but it may even bother you when you walk. Thigh liposuction is the cosmetic procedure of choice to get rid of that unwanted fat on your thighs.

Liposuction has been around since the 70s and is particularly useful in getting rid of fat in all sorts trouble spots. These areas are usually hard to get rid of even with diet and exercise. The trouble spots for men are usually the abdomen, neck, and love handles area. In women, the areas that liposuction is most performed on are the buttocks, hips, and the thighs. As people age, fat deposits redistribute themselves to different parts of the body. Sometimes the way the fat distributes in the body is based on your genes. If your mother had or has thunder thighs odds are you will to. Since this area is hard to affect even with diet and exercise people turn to thigh liposuction.

Reasons for Thigh Liposuction?

There are many reasons why women seek thigh liposuction.

  • Fat thighs can make a woman look older
  • May give the impression that you are unhealthy
  • Difficulty getting clothes that fit properly
  • Self Consciousness in the good weather because they need to wear shorts, bathing suits and sleeveless tops.

Thigh liposuction can solve the physical problems and alleviate some of the psychological ones.

What Should I Expect During Thigh Liposuction?

So what exactly will happen during thigh liposuction. Before the surgery, the surgeon will make precise marks on the thighs regarding where fat will be removed. An IV will then be inserted in a vein to ensure a balanced fluid level during the surgery. An imbalanced fluid level in the body can lead to severe complications. You may choose to go under a sedative to help you relax.

The surgeon will make tiny incisions in the skin and places a thin tube, called the cannula, into the area where fat will be removed. The cannula breaks up the deposits of fat. The surgeon uses the cannula to sculpt the areas of fat in the thighs to the desired proportions. The fat is removed using a high pressure vacuum. The vacuum leaves the skin, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves intact, only removing the fat. Thigh liposuction is considered a simple procedure where most patients can walk around shortly after the surgery.

Be sure to discuss the results you expect to get from your thigh liposuction. Your doctor should be able to show you before and after pictures so that you can have realistic expectations. Make sure your picture is taken beforehand as well. You also need to be sure to ask about the cost of the procedure including any extra costs outside of the straight surgeon fees. It is possible to finance these costs since they many not be covered by your medical insurance. Summer is around the corner and if you start now you may be able to coordinate the process of getting that thigh liposuction before you have to wear your bathing suit.

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