The Liposuction Result You Want

The liposuction result you want may not be the one that you can actually get. Many people enter into this procedure with expectation that may not be realistic. You need to look beyond the liposuction result photo your surgeon gave you and think about whether you can live with some of the things that won’t be shown to you in a surgeons before and after pictures.

Liposuction is an extremely risky procedure, but many people choose to have it done because they feel that the long term liposuction result and benefits will outweigh the many risks, side effects, and complications of the surgery. This is a heavily debated topic and people differ in their opinions. Some people have unrealistic expectations regarding liposuction result, so it is important to be aware of what liposuction actually does to your body before making the plunge. Also, many people think that whatever complications they might encounter, their appearance will be improved no matter what. This is not necessarily true either.

Possible Problems

There are several things that could go wrong during liposuction, leaving you with a negative liposuction result. You could develop scars at the site where the doctor made the cut to insert the liposuction canula. While on most people these scars will fade, the scars could be more prominent depending on skin sensitivity and your genetic tendency to get scars. Another negative result is that your skin could appear bumpy or wavy after liposuction. Also, while most people assume that liposuction results are permanent, this is not necessarily true. If a patient gains weight, this could cause the fat to return in the general areas where it was removed or even to other places within the body. Lastly, many people are disappointed because their liposuction result is not as dramatic as they thought it would be.

The Promise of Liposuction

What liposuction is intended to do is to sculpt and smooth your body or body part into a more flattering shape. This is accomplished by removing small fat deposits. Most doctors will not perform liposuction as a weight loss solution. It usually does not work because of the amount of procedures needed and the candidate’s ability to stay on the strict diets required after liposuction. This would be unrealistic and if you go into the surgery expecting this as your liposuction result, then you will most likely be disappointed.

Here is a list of some things that people may expect from liposuction but liposuction does not do:

  • It does not prevent you from gaining weight
  • It can’t get rid of cellulite
  • It can’t make you appear more fit or toned

The liposuction result you want may be possible but probably not by liposuction alone. Adjust your expectations and ask the right questions so that you can get the most out of a liposuction procedure. The realistic liposuction result you get may be a good start on the path of your vision of the perfect you.

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