Liposuction of the Abdomen Won’t Get You that Sixpack

A perfect set of sixpack abs, don’t we all want them? Liposuction of the abdomen is getting more attention nowadays since cosmetic surgery is becoming much more popular. Celebrities have moved beyond the facelifts and breast jobs and with them so has the rest of America. The cost of abdominal liposuction has also made it within reach. Depending on how much you are having done the surgical fee can range from two thousand to three thousand dollars.

It would be hard to find a man or woman who does not desire a flatter stomach with more definition. Liposuction of the abdomen seems to be answer for those who have tried more conventional approaches and have failed. Diet and exercise is a great way to keep the body healthy but genetics may get in your way when it comes to your body. Your genes may only let all those hours in the gym go so far. Liposuction of the abdomen can play a role in getting the stomach you want.

Are you a Block of Clay?

Many times when people talk about plastic surgery they talk about shaping and molding. This of course brings to mind a block of clay. Plastic surgery is as much an art as it is a science which is why this visualization is more relevant. Liposuction of the abdomen can help to shape your stomach to a certain point so that some of the other things like working out can bring out even more of the defined sixpack look you are seeking.

If you think it through you may also see the psychological benefits. Liposuction of the abdomen can be that motivation factor that causes you to be more excited and committed. You will find it easier to maintain your diet and your schedule at the gym because you want to keep the look you received with the surgery. The positive effects will go even further by increasing your confidence and your sense of well being.

So are you sold? If so, keep in mind that the next step is to consult with a trained professional. Your family doctor will recommend a full physical before undergoing your surgery. He may also be able to recommend a good plastic surgeon that specializes in this procedure. Other sources for finding qualified surgeons are online databases and even your health insurance company. For more information on choosing your liposuction doctor please refer to our previous article “Choosing Your Liposuction Doctor“. Liposuction of the abdomen can be part of your quest for the perfect sixpack abs but then the rest will be up to you.

Liposuction Side Effects You Should Know About

Liposuction side effects are to be expected. Many times due to the popularity of this cosmetic procedure many people fail to research what these potential side effects are and how it can impact their satisfaction with their plastic surgery. How does a side effect differ from a complication from the surgery or a risk of the surgery? The good news is that liposuction side effects are relatively minor.

Liposuction was made popular by the many celebrities that are rumored to have had the procedure done. For example, people like Brittany Spears and Tara Reid are rumored to have had it done on their stomachs. As has been mentioned on this website frequently we know that liposuction continues to gain in popularity and is the most popular surgical cosmetic procedure.

Liposuction can be viewed as a quick fix to your problems like love handles, fat thighs and flabby abs. Asking your doctor about liposuction is a valid option, but make sure to ask about the possible dangerous liposuction side effects as well. Lets take a look at a list of possible side effects and then go over each one.

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Scars
  • Limited Mobility

The above list seems pretty basic and is part of many surgeries. Liposuction side effects can be annoying though. They are at the very least uncomfortable, and possibly painful.

The first possible liposuction side effect is bruising. The bruises can also be tied in with the pain effect because some of them can be extremely painful. Thankfully, this is only a short term side effect. Bruises usually fade after a few weeks.

Swelling around the area is also a possible side effect of liposuction. Swelling generally subsides over the two months after your liposuction surgery. You may also have scars from your liposuction procedure.

As mentioned before another liposuction side effect is pain. The pain experienced should be temporary. Over the counter medication should help you manage the pain but your doctor may prescribe a stronger pain-killer.

Another problem you will run into is scars. This is possibly the most feared of the liposuction side effects because how well you heal will definitely determine how happy you are with your plastic surgery. The scars will differ in size depending on the particular procedure you had. The scars should fade in the weeks after your surgery. The scarring can depend on the individual and since scarring effects are heriditary. Numbness around the scars could last a few weeks. Some scars can take as much as a year to heal so be ready to be patient.

Some people find that their mobility is limited after their plastic surgery. This of course is dependent on where you are having your procedure and how big the procedure is. After liposuction you can be asked to keep your head elevated and/or wear a compression garment. This of course will limit your mobility. The general swelling, numbness and pain will also temporarily cause you to be less mobile.

Are the liposuction side effects worth the results you are going to get? Many times that is a subjective question and the will differ based not only on the procedures being done but the individual and their expectations. Discuss both the side effects and what you expect for results with your doctor. Then and only then will you be able to decide if liposuction is right for you.

Liposuction Garment Key Part of Recovery

Are you wondering what part a liposuction garment plays in your recovery from liposuction? Have you had liposuction and still have questions about your liposuction garment? If you answered yes to either of these questions you are in the right place.

You may have heard about the bruises and the swelling – but what about the “girdle” you received at the hospital? What is its purpose? How long do you have to wear it? Knowing the answer to these questions can ensure a speedy and proper recovery. A liposuction garment is otherwise known as a compression garment. If a you have had liposuction in the abdominal area, waist, thigh, knee, or arm, the doctor requires you to wear a liposuction garment. The garment is used to help reduce swelling and provide both compression and support for the area of your body that was treated.

Following the instructions given to you by your plastic surgeon are very important. If you fail to wear the liposuction garment or use it improperly you probably will not get the results you were expecting.

Types of Liposuction Garments

Due to the variety of liposuction surgeries there are also wide range of liposuction garments. The typical liposuction garment looks similar to a body suit or leotard. It is expected that you will have to wear it when you get back to your normal activities including work. This is why it is recommended that when a patient returns to those activities that they wear loose fitting clothing to hide the garment. The liposuction garment can come in many different colors, textures, sizes, and shapes. They can also vary in degrees of tightness. Some compression garments are full garments while others are partial.

When liposuction first became popular in the 70’s, it was recommended that a patient wear their garment for two to six weeks. Fortunately nowadays you are generally asked to wear the garment only for as long as the drainage process lasts. Costs for these garments can range between thirty and two hundred dollars for both men and women. You should check with your surgeon about whether you should be buying the garment yourself or whether it will be supplied to you. This cost is typically not covered by insurance.

Liposuction surgery involves plenty of possible complications, risks and side effects. The purpose of the liposuction garment is to minimize these risks. So if you are recovering from liposuction surgery, make sure that you are wear your liposuction garment according to your doctor’s instructions. The liposuction garment is the key to helping you heal faster. Wearing it correctly will get you that much closer to the new you.

Cellulite and Liposuction – Problem and Cure?

Cellulite and liposuction have developed a relationship that has caused lots of confusion. Many people assume that cellulite can be treated by undergoing liposuction procedures but it appears that assumption is false. Due to the popularity of liposuction and its association with getting rid of fat the jump to having it cure cellulite is not that far of a leap.

Some of the confusion may lie in the definition of cellulite and liposuction being a procedure that removes fat deposits. What is a cellulite? According to the American Heritage Dictionary it is “a fatty deposit causing a dimpled or uneven appearance, as around the thighs and buttocks”. Liposuction in contrast is defined as “a usually cosmetic surgical procedure in which excess fatty tissue is removed from a specific part of the body, such as the thighs…” It would appear that the cellulite problem is at a smaller level than those that can be addressed by current liposuction procedures.

Currently there are no scientific studies or explanations that support the claim that liposuction is an effective treatment for cellulite. Unfortunately that does not stop the unscrupulous few from claiming that it is the miracle cure for cellulite.

Though the topics of cellulite and liposuction tend to go together well. When performed alone, liposuction is not a complete solution for treating cellulite. Liposuction and cellulite treatments like Thermage, Endermologie, and Mesotherapy can be an effective combination in fighting off the orange peel, cottage cheese type look that we all are embarrassed of.

Along with treatment of cellulite and liposuction, new and advanced non-surgical techniques are being developed to smooth down deep tissues that cause dimpling of skin. Surgeons hope that by focusing on increasing blood flow, new treatments for cellulite and liposuction combined can achieve in an improved general cellular function and reduced fatty tissues.

If you wish to remove your cellulite and liposuction is the first thing you considered, be sure to research other non-surgical methods. You may be able to combine them with liposuction to help in obtain your desired smooth, dimple-free, silky skin.

Although removing cellulite and liposuction procedures combined with other methods, could take some dedication, time and money, these treatments are all worth it once you feel the smooth skin that was once yours in youth.

In order to ensure that the removal of cellulite and liposuction procedures will not yield complications or side effects, be sure to consult with an accredited plastic surgeon. They can help you make an informed decision on which surgical and non-surgical options will solve your cellulite problems once and for all.

Liposuction for Men – No One’s Laughing

Do you think your husband or boyfriend is a candidate for liposuction? Before researching this article I would have laughed when I read that question. Typically men do not want us to think that they would even consider it but liposuction for men is more common today for a variety of reasons. If you are a man considering having this surgery, read on to find out how you can benefit from this new trend.

Men are just now becoming aware of liposuction and all of the ways that they can benefit from it. But why do they want to have this cosmetic procedure? Male liposuction is common for men who feel that looks are part of being competitive in the business world. Liposuction for men can make them feel more professional. Impressions in the business world are supreme and men in top level executive and sales positions know that looks can help them make a better impression and thus be able to move up more easily. Though this may seem unfair it is generally true. Furthermore, many businesses tend to hire younger employees. Liposuction procedures for men can help a man appear younger. The obesity trend in America is another driver making liposuction for men popular. Ultrasound-Assisted liposuction has made this procedure available to some that perhaps would not have qualified for the basic form of liposuction.

Another trend that is driving the demand for liposuction for men is the acceptability of men caring about their personal appearance. The marketing world has coined these men metrosexuals. As defined by Wikipedia they are “men who have a strong concern for their aesthetic appearance, and spend a substantial amount of time and money on their images and lifestyles”.

What are the common areas for male liposuction? The three most common areas for men to receive this procedure are in the abdomen, neck, and loin. Fat deposits shift around as people get older. In women, fat moves towards the butt, thighs, and hips. In men, it usually moves to the back of the neck, the abdomen, and in the loin (otherwise known as love handles). Love handles are by far one of the most common reasons that men choose liposuction for men. They are nearly impossible to get rid of through proper nutrition and exercise, and so many men turn to this surgery to remove them.

Are there any differences between liposuction for men and liposuction for women? The major difference is in the skin. Men’s skin tends to be thicker. This means that there is a greater blood supply, which means a greater risk of bleeding during the surgery but a better recovery rate.

Cosmetic procedures for men will continue to rise in popularity. Surveys conducted by organizations tracking statistics in plastic surgery have found that both men and women are finding plastic surgery an option that not only are they willing to go through but also not embarrassed to tell other people. Liposuction for men is just one procedure that supports that trend.

Male Breast Reduction

Choosing Your Liposuction Doctor

I’ve previously written about the pros and cons of liposuction and the risks involved if you do not do the proper research. One major area that deserves more discussion is in how do you choose your liposuction doctor. The first lipoplasty surgery was performed a little over 30 years ago around 1974. Since then it has become a relatively safe procedure in body contouring. Your satisfaction with this surgery will highly depend on the physician you choose.

The main thing to do when choosing your liposuction doctor will be to shop around. Don’t just pick the first one you find on the internet or on some directory. Keep in mind that the type of lipoplasty involved should also be a factor. Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat cells using a stainless steel suction tube otherwise known as a “canula”. It can be done on your chin, abdomen, thighs, legs or upper arms. Make sure your chosen physician has the appropriate experience and training in the area where you are having your surgery.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Liposuction Doctor

  • appropriate level of medical training
  • extensive experience in plastic surgery
  • focus/experience with the type of surgery you are having
  • certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Board certification does not ensure that your doctor will definitely give you the results you want. Verifying the board certification is a simple as contacting the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Unfortunately, many times patients rely on just this but they should explore the other areas as well.

Be sure to ask questions regarding your doctor’s past surgeries. What procedures have they done? How many have they done? When was the last time they performed the procedure that you are going to have? Do they have before and after pictures of their past liposuction patients? The typical liposuction doctor should have pictures. If they don’t it is probably because they don’t have a lot of experience. Don’t be afraid to ask the specifics of their training. Where were they trained? When were they trained and how long was the training?

Another area to explore is the facility where you will be having the surgery. Though most of these surgeries are performed in the liposuction doctor’s office if you prefer having it at a hospital you need to be sure the physician has hospital privileges at that hospital. This is also another way checking up on the doctor because having privileges means they have been reviewed by the hospital, the credential board of the hospital and other members of that hospital’s staff. Whether you have the procedure in a hospital, the doctor’s office or an outpatient facility be sure to visit that facility so that you will be comfortable with it.

Choosing your liposuction doctor is one of the keys to the success of your surgery. Don’t take it lightly. Make sure your doctor has a good reputation and the training and experience that you are comfortable with. Don’t rely on cost factors until the very end of your research so that you don’t pick a doctor just to save money. Think about that after you have narrowed down your search to 2-3 doctors. The path to a new you is a good as the partner you choose.