Liposuction – The Most Popular Aesthetic Surgery Today

Aesthetic liposuction surgery is the most popular of the cosmetic procedures we looked at in our previous article. It is the number one most popular surgical procedure not only for women but also for men. A total of 455,489 procedures were performed in 2005, according to the ASAPS report.

A couple of definitions would definitely help our discussion:

  • Aesthetic: of, relating to, or dealing with aesthetics or the beautiful
  • Liposuction (Lipoplasty): surgical removal of local fat deposits (as in the thighs) especially for cosmetic purposes

Source: Merriam-Webster Online DictionarySince the statistics taken from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ASAPS) are for the United States it is not surprising that this would be the most popular procedure.

“An estimated two of every three American adults, and more than one in six children and adolescents are considered overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” This is according to an article posted on “Obesity: A Looming National Threat?”It would only be logical that Americans would be flocking to liposuction surgery not only for aesthetic reasons but also for health reasons.

If you’re overweight and you’ve tried everything to lose weight, but just can’t seem to do it, you may have considered signing up for liposuction. Liposuction sounds great. A doctor suctions all the fat out of you, leaving you lean and trim. .However, you should do your research and know all the ins and outs of the procedure before you go under the knife, so to speak. Any surgery is not to be taken lightly and it should be a last resort.

Causes of WeightGain

First of all, anyone considering this cosmetic procedure needs to seriously look at themselves and ask why they are overweight. Can it be a glandular problem or do you have psychological reasons why you might be eating too much. What about your food choices I know that sometimes I gain weight because I eat too much of the wrong things (Chocolate is the killer for me). If you’re overweight merely because of a poor diet and no exercise, consider joining a gym or signing up for a diet program that you have researched. You’d be amazed at how just a few lifestyle changes can make you look and feel better. If you’re not sure where to start, consider hiring a person trainer, they are great for that extra bit of motivation. Consider these things before liposuction.

OK, I’m Ready to Try Jump In

If you truly have tried every diet out there and you’ve bought every piece of gym equipment you see advertised on TV and you still can’t drop those unwanted pounds, then it’s time to talk to your doctor. Find a good doctor who performs liposuction and schedule a consultation. Your doctor will explain what liposuction will do for you, the risks and what to expect before, during and after the surgery. The doctor’s job is to make sure that you are completely comfortable with the procedure before you go under anesthesia. That way, you won’t have any unrealistic expectations.

Liposuction will not turn a severely overweight person into a greek god overnight. Liposuction gets rid of the fat but does not get rid of the other multitude of issues that may have brought you to the choice to undergo this aesthetic procedure. Do your homework and make sure you give yourself a fighting chance at other options. Also make sure you are a good candidate for this type of cosmetic procedure.

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