Liposuction Swelling : A Key Concern

We have written about liposuction side effects before but we have noticed that many liposuction patients are particularly concerned with liposuction swelling. How to reduce liposuction swelling is a key concern for anyone contemplating the procedure and also for those who have already undergone the procedure and are concerned with the amount of swelling and how to reduce it quickly.

You have made the decision to have cosmetic surgery. This is something you have given much thought to; you have weighed the pros and cons, and are still think you make a good candidate. You may be choosing liposuction in order to get closer to that flat, sexy stomach. Maybe you get help with your thunder thighs. You may have even been on a sensible diet and have exercised regularly. This has definitely helped you shed pounds but the hours at the gym have not seemed to get you the defined look you are seeking.

How Much Swelling After Liposuction should one expect?

It depends on a few different factors. Have you had a liposuction procedure before? Present scar tissue from previous surgeries can cause more than usual swelling. Liposuction on lowers parts of the body, like thighs and bottom have a greater chance of swelling than other areas. You might also want to take a look at your family tree. Liposuction swelling amounts can be influenced by genetics. Certain chemicals in the body, such as histamine can also be a culprit in swelling after liposuction. Doctors not following the latest procedures can also cause more swelling than necessary.

How to Reduce Liposuction Swelling

There have been some reports of using antihistamines to reduce swelling, but that has not been thoroughly validated yet. Having a quality, comfortable liposuction garment is very important in your recovery. There is debate on how often, and soon the liposuction garment should be worn. The liposuction garment is meant to reduce swelling and to speed up the healing process. Most surgeons agree that it should be worn during the time right after the surgery since this is when most of the swelling occurs. Using cold compresses and small ice packs are also helpful.

Liposuction swelling is an expected part of this cosmetic procedure. Doing your best to follow your doctors post-operative instructions to the tee will minimize the swelling. Other factors like genetics you can’t really control so focus on those you can like following your doctor’s instructions and putting the time into researching and choosing the right liposuction doctor.

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