Liposuction Side Effects You Should Know About

Liposuction side effects are to be expected. Many times due to the popularity of this cosmetic procedure many people fail to research what these potential side effects are and how it can impact their satisfaction with their plastic surgery. How does a side effect differ from a complication from the surgery or a risk of the surgery? The good news is that liposuction side effects are relatively minor.

Liposuction was made popular by the many celebrities that are rumored to have had the procedure done. For example, people like Brittany Spears and Tara Reid are rumored to have had it done on their stomachs. As has been mentioned on this website frequently we know that liposuction continues to gain in popularity and is the most popular surgical cosmetic procedure.

Liposuction can be viewed as a quick fix to your problems like love handles, fat thighs and flabby abs. Asking your doctor about liposuction is a valid option, but make sure to ask about the possible dangerous liposuction side effects as well. Lets take a look at a list of possible side effects and then go over each one.

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Scars
  • Limited Mobility

The above list seems pretty basic and is part of many surgeries. Liposuction side effects can be annoying though. They are at the very least uncomfortable, and possibly painful.

The first possible liposuction side effect is bruising. The bruises can also be tied in with the pain effect because some of them can be extremely painful. Thankfully, this is only a short term side effect. Bruises usually fade after a few weeks.

Swelling around the area is also a possible side effect of liposuction. Swelling generally subsides over the two months after your liposuction surgery. You may also have scars from your liposuction procedure.

As mentioned before another liposuction side effect is pain. The pain experienced should be temporary. Over the counter medication should help you manage the pain but your doctor may prescribe a stronger pain-killer.

Another problem you will run into is scars. This is possibly the most feared of the liposuction side effects because how well you heal will definitely determine how happy you are with your plastic surgery. The scars will differ in size depending on the particular procedure you had. The scars should fade in the weeks after your surgery. The scarring can depend on the individual and since scarring effects are heriditary. Numbness around the scars could last a few weeks. Some scars can take as much as a year to heal so be ready to be patient.

Some people find that their mobility is limited after their plastic surgery. This of course is dependent on where you are having your procedure and how big the procedure is. After liposuction you can be asked to keep your head elevated and/or wear a compression garment. This of course will limit your mobility. The general swelling, numbness and pain will also temporarily cause you to be less mobile.

Are the liposuction side effects worth the results you are going to get? Many times that is a subjective question and the will differ based not only on the procedures being done but the individual and their expectations. Discuss both the side effects and what you expect for results with your doctor. Then and only then will you be able to decide if liposuction is right for you.

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