Liposuction on Love Handles – A Manly Solution?

Most men don’t want to admit they have love handles. They get to a certain age and they may think it’s just a part of life. Liposuction on love handles may not be manly enough for them. Unfortunately the gym and exercise may only go so far when it comes to trying to get of that pesky abdominal fat.

Liposuction on love handles works on the one area that many people have a hard time targeting. For men in particular, this area is located right below the waist. When fat accumulates there; the fat deposits are affectionately referred to as “love handles” by your spouse but the younger guys at the gym might call it more of a “spare tire”. Love handles are almost impossible to lose through diet and exercise. Exercises will often times strengthen the muscles underneath the love handles, but the fat will remain on top. You may have tried multiple sit ups and maybe even the ab lounge but still no progress.

Liposuction on love handles may seem scary but if you’ve tried everything else cosmetic surgery may be your best choice. This type of plastic surgery easily removes that pesky abdominal fat. Abdominal liposuction is permanent as long as you don’t gain a significant amount of weight after the surgery. It will give you the long lasting results that you haven’t been able to get.

Liposuction on love handles is usually an outpatient procedure and you could be back at work after only three days. Local anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia is used, which means avoiding the risks associated with general anesthesia. If you want to read more about the pros and cons of liposuction please read my previous post. There are some risks to having the liposuction on love handles procedure performed, but generally if the surgery is being performed by a qualified, experienced professional, minimal risk will occur. A specific risk associated with abdominal liposuction is surface irregularity in the skin. This irregularity usually resolves on its own and the risk is minor.

There is a recommended amount of recovery time, although requirements may vary by doctor and depend on the amount of surfaces that you had treated. Usually, the surgeon asks that you spend one week out of work, and two to three more weeks wearing the liposuction garment (otherwise known as a compression garment) provided to you after the liposuction on love handles surgery. After this three week timeframe has passed, you may resume strenuous activity.

Liposuction on love handles may be the only solution to getting rid of your love handles. It’s also the easiest. If you are really frustrated don’t sit around and let those little deposits of fat sitting around on your waist get you down. Especially if there’s something you can do about it. Talk to your family practitioner and get their thoughts. They will refer you to a surgeon who you can ask about abdominal liposuction. The procedure is easy, the risks are minimal, and the recuperation time is fast. Liposuction on love handles will give your loved ones less to love but that’s what you want anyway!

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