Liposuction Garment Key Part of Recovery

Are you wondering what part a liposuction garment plays in your recovery from liposuction? Have you had liposuction and still have questions about your liposuction garment? If you answered yes to either of these questions you are in the right place.

You may have heard about the bruises and the swelling – but what about the “girdle” you received at the hospital? What is its purpose? How long do you have to wear it? Knowing the answer to these questions can ensure a speedy and proper recovery. A liposuction garment is otherwise known as a compression garment. If a you have had liposuction in the abdominal area, waist, thigh, knee, or arm, the doctor requires you to wear a liposuction garment. The garment is used to help reduce swelling and provide both compression and support for the area of your body that was treated.

Following the instructions given to you by your plastic surgeon are very important. If you fail to wear the liposuction garment or use it improperly you probably will not get the results you were expecting.

Types of Liposuction Garments

Due to the variety of liposuction surgeries there are also wide range of liposuction garments. The typical liposuction garment looks similar to a body suit or leotard. It is expected that you will have to wear it when you get back to your normal activities including work. This is why it is recommended that when a patient returns to those activities that they wear loose fitting clothing to hide the garment. The liposuction garment can come in many different colors, textures, sizes, and shapes. They can also vary in degrees of tightness. Some compression garments are full garments while others are partial.

When liposuction first became popular in the 70’s, it was recommended that a patient wear their garment for two to six weeks. Fortunately nowadays you are generally asked to wear the garment only for as long as the drainage process lasts. Costs for these garments can range between thirty and two hundred dollars for both men and women. You should check with your surgeon about whether you should be buying the garment yourself or whether it will be supplied to you. This cost is typically not covered by insurance.

Liposuction surgery involves plenty of possible complications, risks and side effects. The purpose of the liposuction garment is to minimize these risks. So if you are recovering from liposuction surgery, make sure that you are wear your liposuction garment according to your doctor’s instructions. The liposuction garment is the key to helping you heal faster. Wearing it correctly will get you that much closer to the new you.

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