Liposuction for Weight Loss Is Usually Not the Answer

If you are obese or significantly overweight liposuction for weight loss may seem like an answer to your prayers. Having tried almost every diet from Atkins to SouthBeach without results you may be very frustrated. You may have gone even further with exercise and tried weight loss pills with the scary product recalls. Many overweight or obese people think that liposuction for weight loss is the perfect solution to their problem. Losing weight with liposuction seems so simple. You walk in one day and when you walk out you have much less fat to tip the scales.

Before this happy ending takes place we need to consider who is the ideal candidate to use liposuction to lose weight. There are several qualifications that make someone a good candidate for liposuction for weight loss.

These include:

  1. candidate should be over the age of eighteen
  2. should also be in good general health
  3. should be of normal weight with a few trouble spots

Typical health conditions that would not make a candidate ideal would include diabetes, heart conditions, or any type of infection. Many people think that a good candidate for liposuction is someone who needs to lose a significant number of pounds like ten or more, but the opposite is actually true. Trying to lose weight with liposuction is not a good idea for these people.

If you are overweight or obese and were considering liposuction as a way to lose weight you may be a little confused by what we have discussed. Why wouldn’t this work on you? Well, there is one main reason why liposuction is generally performed on people of a normal weight with a few trouble spots. These people generally have firm skin. Overweight people typically have loose skin. Because this cosmetic procedure is most successful on people who have firm skin, doctors generally recommend that people who are overweight or obese not use liposuction as a way to lighten the scale. They are not likely to see the same results as people of normal weight. Their surgery can lead to medical problems because will more than likely result is baggy skin that is loose.

Liposuction is a shaping procedure, not a quick solution to lose significant amounts of weight. However, anyone considering liposuction for weight loss should consult their primary care physician before having any kind of surgery performed. The doctor will be able to tell you all the risks associated with this plastic surgery and give you a better projection of the results you might see.

Though liposuction for weight loss is not recommended I can see why people would think that this would work. Look at it this way, your doctor may advise you to lose a certain amount of pounds using other methods like diet and exercise. Afterwards liposuction can be the procedure that helps you with those last few pounds and then you would be an ideal candidate after all.

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