Laser Liposuction versus Traditional Liposuction?

If you are looking into liposuction and are looking for the best and safest option, laser liposuction may be for you. Laser technology is being used to improve the safety in this procedure. It is also being uses a a means to increase efficiency meaning more body fat can be removed in less time.

Laser-assisted liposuction is the more technical term and is more commonly used by doctors when discussing the procedure. Lasers are used in conjunction with more traditional methods. It not only improves the safety and efficiency but also gives the patient the increased benefit of a shorter recovery time after surgery. This is a big sell because most patients want to get back to work and normal life as soon as possible.

During a laser liposuction procedure, the lasers produce powerful beams of light that are adjusted to produce heat at various levels all the way down to cool temperatures. The lasers are used at close range to remove the fat tissues effectively and quickly.

Many people are intimidated by traditional liposuction because it is an invasive procedure. Laser liposuction minimizes the invasiveness of the procedure by delivering the laser energy under the patient’s skin. This causes the fats to liquefy easily. The benefit of laser liposuction is that its lasers can pass through the outer layers of the skin while targeting its energy into the fatty tissues.

The long term effects of exposure to lasers is still not known since laser-assisted liposuction is still considered to be at an experimental stage. The benefits though are making it a strong choice since not only can laser liposuction assist in effectively burning fats, it can also help in tightening the skin after a traditional liposuction procedure. Traditional liposuction has typically resulted in loose skin. This is more applicable to areas where a lot of liposuction is done. This leads to the need for skin lifts. Skin lifts usually scar the skin which is why most surgeons are now recommending lasers. However, with the help of laser-assisted liposuction, inelastic skin should never be a problem again.

Laser liposuction definitely has its advantages but given the newness of the procedure make sure to research the credentials of your surgeon. The instruments used in this procedure are high powered, high precision tools. Keep in mind that this is laser-assisted liposuction, the tool is used to help improve the effectiveness, safety and results of traditional liposuction. Once you find the right surgeon you are on your way to a faster recovery time with laser liposuction.

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