Keratosis Pilaris a Cosmetic Skin Problem

The Keratosis Pilaris Mystery Unfolds

Recently I went to an allergist to get tested after quite a few years struggling with allergies.  I showed them some bumpy skin that I have had on my arms since as long as I can remember which seemed to be getting worse as I aged.  I thought they would somehow tie the condition into my allergy problems but the truth surprised me and as someone who writes about cosmetic procedures irritated me to no end.  I was told I had Keratosis Pilaris and that it was not considered a medical problem.  According to the doctor it is a genetic cosmetic skin problem.

What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Here is a picture of one of my upper arms.

Keratosis Pilaris on Upper Arm

Keratosis Pilaris on Upper Arm

As can be seen given my olive complexion the dark bumps are quite unattractive particularly when using sleeveless clothes.  Keratosis Pilaris is thought to be genetic (given to you by one or more of your parents).  It causes an excessive buildup of Keratin which cause the bumps that feel like goose bumps.

Of course, I needed to know whether it could be treated.  Since this is a considered a non-medical problem treatments are not covered by your insurance but there are some recommendations for how to treat keratosis pilaris.

I was advised by my doctor to try creams containing Urea or Lactic Acid.  I have been using Carmol 20 for a week and really haven’t seen much difference but will continue to use until it is empty.  I have looked at other options and it appears getting a “kit” that includes a moisturizing component seems to be working for many people.

Keep in mind that though you can improve the appearance of your skin with these treatments they do not cure keratosis pilaris permanently. Given that some of these kits can be expensive I would try some of the cheaper creams first.  I will follow up on this post after I finish the cream…

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