Chin Liposuction Your Facelift Alternative

Do you have a double chin? If you do you may have considered a face lift as an option but that is not your only alternative. Nowadays many people are choosing a chin liposuction instead. I have written plenty about liposuction but for the most part I think people associate it with the abdomen or the thighs, they haven’t even considered double chin liposuction.

A common complaint among cosmetic surgery patients is the double chin. Accumulation of fats below the jaw line is very common among people, whether or not they are overweight. Even if some people try to follow a diet program with regular exercise, double chins don’t seem to be affected. The muscle tone of chins can be improved through exercise but the collection of fat under the chin or upper neck remains. Fats from the chin are very difficult to get rid of. This is where chin liposuction comes in and why it is becoming a popular option.

Chin liposuction is a procedure that could eliminate the excess fats and loose, sagging skin of upper necks. Just like other liposuction procedures, chin liposuction involves minimum pain, allows for a faster recovery time and provides an effective way of getting rid of unwanted fats on the chin. Chin liposuction cost is also in line with many of the liposuction procedures ranging between two thousand and forty five hundred for the surgeon’s fees and financing options are usually available.

Although other methods, such as chin tucks and face lifts, can be used in keeping those double chins off, the most advanced and newest method is the chin liposuction. By undergoing chin liposuction, there should be less scarring and a faster recovery.

Why Choose Chin Liposuction?

When a patient chooses chin liposuction, he or she should expect smaller incisions compare to those used in face lifts. These small incisions, heal very quickly and are probably due to the smaller instruments used in new liposuction methods. Another advantage of chin liposuction is that incisions are generally placed in areas rarely visible.

When the surgeon recommends chin liposuction using the tumescent technique you will be placed under local anesthesia. You should experience little bleeding and less tissue trauma. The result is a quicker recovery time where you can back to your daily commitments quickly.
Although most patients are required to take at least two days off from work after a chin liposuction procedure the good news is they can easily perform daily tasks during that time. Unlike the potential risks of a face lift, chin liposuction produces minimal bruising and swelling that subsides quickly.

After a chin liposuction, a special protective garment is worn for a couple of days. This elastic, protective chin strap is used to provide patients with gentle pressure. However, this strap is immediately taken off after a few days and then no special maintenance or care is required.

Getting rid of your double chin does not have to be traumatic. Even though the face lift has been used for many years the advancements of chin liposuction surgery give you a great alternative that has been more effective and less painful for that particular area of your face. If you are happy with the rest of your face double chin liposuction is probably your best bet.

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