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4 Tips for Looking Better for Your Holiday Parties-No Surgery Required

As we get ready for the holiday celebrations some of us may need a little help looking our best.  I wanted to share some quick tips for things that I do as I prepare for those all important office and family holiday celebrations. Tip 1 Don’t be afraid of using Shapewear Whether you recently had […]


Cosmetic Procedures Videos Launched

This is just a brief post to announce a new service for our website visitors. We have added a directory of videos related to the cosmetic procedures field. We feel it is a great addition to the information that we provide in our guide. The full directory of cosmetic procedures videos is here. Whereas we […]


When Liposuction Goes Wrong

We have recently had some comments and questions from 2 people who have had bad experiences with their liposuction. When liposuction goes wrong it can be a very demoralizing experience and in my search to find resources for these individuals I found that there is not that much information out there for folks in this […]


Plastic Surgery versus Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a term often used interchangeably with cosmetic surgery. For the most part that is acceptable but in some cases it is important to know the difference. Plastic surgery is a specific type of surgery that can involve not only a person’s appearance but also their ability to function normally. Plastic surgery is […]


Abdominal Liposuction : Cheating or Not?

Do you think abdominal liposuction is cheating? I had a conversation with my niece who told me she thinks it’s a cop out. Of course, she is in her early twenties with a metabolism that burns calories even when she is just breathing! This response was very interesting to me because as someone in their […]


Thigh Liposuction Preparing You for Summer

Are you ready to where your swimsuit yet? The thighs are one of those trouble spots that women have struggled with since the beginning of time. When the fat deposits itself in the inner thigh not only do you look bad but it may even bother you when you walk. Thigh liposuction is the cosmetic […]