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Keratosis Pilaris a Cosmetic Skin Problem

The Keratosis Pilaris Mystery Unfolds Recently I went to an allergist to get tested after quite a few years struggling with allergies.  I showed them some bumpy skin that I have had on my arms since as long as I can remember which seemed to be getting worse as I aged.  I thought they would […]


4 Tips for Looking Better for Your Holiday Parties-No Surgery Required

As we get ready for the holiday celebrations some of us may need a little help looking our best.  I wanted to share some quick tips for things that I do as I prepare for those all important office and family holiday celebrations. Tip 1 Don’t be afraid of using Shapewear Whether you recently had […]


Cosmetic Procedures Videos Launched

This is just a brief post to announce a new service for our website visitors. We have added a directory of videos related to the cosmetic procedures field. We feel it is a great addition to the information that we provide in our guide. The full directory of cosmetic procedures videos is here. Whereas we […]