Ab Lounge Ultra – Abdominal Liposuction Alternative?

Ab Lounge Ultra

Price: $115.97 USD

Product Description
Ab Lounge Ultra the NEW gold standard! Now available with Focus Strap and Iso-Grip Padded handles and Premium Ergonomic Mesh Seat.

I’ve been using the ab lounge for at least 3 years now. As you know from my previous posts I’m an advocate of exploring other alternatives before you go the surgical route like liposuction.

Liposuction of the abdomen is one of the most popular procedures within liposuction. Getting those tight abs can be a challenge. The ab lounge makes it easier for those of us who weren’t gifted with great backs. Traditional sit ups put a lot of pressure on the back and can cause injuries. The ab lounge helps to get you off the floor and into the proper posture to make the most of your sit ups.

As I mentioned above I use the ab lounge and it did make a difference not only on my abs but my back as well. I highly recommend it for those of us who are afraid of sit ups.

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